In the hierarchy of staged production, scenography has, at times, been considered merely decorative and “in service.” The Food Project (an international collective of scenographers and directors) will address and redress this attenuation by [re]considering the intersection of scenography, women and food as a primary, radical, gendered, and fundamentally engaged performative practice operating on both local and global levels.

In this ongoing project, we will investigate the notion of putting food on the table, how a quotidian and localized ritual is, simultaneously, a sensory and aesthetic performance, a memory play that crosses spatial / temporal / geographic boundaries, and a political act.

This research will unfold on both historical and contemporary levels to develop a transhistory reaching into the present/future where technology is fundamentally implicated in food delivery (and performance) and into the past where incidents of self-starvation, force-feeding and binge eating point to the troubled circumstances that also mark the relation between women, performance and food.